Mobile Oxygen Carrier


or Questions?


I am on 2 Lpm and use portable oxygen with an M-6 cylinder.
Until about 6 months ago I carried my portable oxygen over my shoulder. When
that became difficult I purchased a rolling backpack, which I used until I
received the Handi-Air Tote. Here are my comments after two weeks using the


It carries a single cylinder better (than the rolling
backpack). I can tie it down so it doesn't shift about in the bag and tie it in
a diagonal position so the weight is distributed evenly. It carries two M-6
cylinders well, although that's a bit much for me to carry or pull. The extra
pockets help me organize the other things I carry, so I don't have to put them
where the cylinder will roll over them. I can quickly open and look at the
contents gauge when I need to. 


The handle doesn't retract under pressure, so I can lean on
it when I stop to rest. The rubberize tires make less noise on hardware floors
than do the plastic ones on my rolling backpack. 


The biggest benefit of the Handi-Air over the rolling
backpack is that I can lift it from the passenger's seat in my car, bring it
across my body, and set it on the ground outside the driver's door with little
difficulty. When I was using the rolling backpack, I had to disconnect from my
oxygen, walk around to the passenger's door and reconnect to my oxygen. That
walk without oxygen was not fun. Now, that I have the Handi-Air that walk is a
walk I no longer have to do. 


My only question is about the dual tires. I wonder why.
Stones get caught between them and I find it more difficult to make sharp

When I had to use oxygen 24 hours a day I needed a container for my oxygen tanks. I used the Handi-Air Tote that was portable and inconspicuous and gave me the independence that I wanted and felt comfortable with. I can not find anything on the market that would allow me this.

I have been able to keep driving, dinning out, grocery shopping, dental and hair appointments with out having to depend on other people.

With the compartments besides the one for the oxygen I have a pocket for my extra medicines and a pocket for my other personal items such as comb and Kleenex, money and my identification.

When my sister first told me about your product, I must admit I was a bit skeptical. Being a registered nurse for several years I understood the limitations of people who require constant oxygen. For the past five years of my oxygen use, I have accepted my limited activities and changed lifestyle. When she actually brought me my Handi-Air Tote from you, I must tell you that it was a blessing in disguise. I live in Massachusetts and have never seen such a product.

Because of a fractured right shoulder many years ago arthritis has made it virtually impossible for me to carry anything with any weight. Lugging a portable oxygen tank was impossible and quite frankly, not worth the pain and aggravation.

Your product however doesn't require much strength to manipulate and I have therefore regained so much of my independence. I am no longer housebound.

With the Handi-Air I feel liberated. I am able to shop for my own groceries for the first time in years. I am able to attend family functions including weddings. Your product allows me to sit comfortably at a table with no worry of dropping a shoulder case on the floor.

As a bonus I no longer need to carry a purse. I am able to carry my handicapped parking sign, my wallet and other personal items right in the tote itself. Thank you for such a wonderful product. It has made a tremendous difference in my lifestyle. My family and I are grateful to you and your Company.