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After years with emphysema, our mother was prescribed oxygen to assist her with breathing. This was the beginning of the Handi-Air Tote.

Having been active all of her life she wanted to continue to live her life to the fullest; running errands, visiting family and friends, trying to help others. Yet, being slight of stature, the added burdens of both her troubled breathing, and the heavy portable oxygen tank limited her activities that she so enjoyed. The strap hurt her shoulder.

The tank was heavy, limiting her mobility and restricting her breathing. Others carrying her oxygen with the shoulder bag made her feel self conscious and dependent. She began to feel like she would rather stay home than deal with people's stares and comments. Her research into other options found only a large metal cart which was more conspicuous and difficult to handle.

This is all she needed to create the solution. With some thoughtful creativity, she thought a school back-pack might solve this little problem. As part of an acceptable sized pull cart, it would keep the oxygen disguised in public. The low center of gravity and adjustable handle would allow her to pull the oxygen independently.

The added pockets would allow for her to carry personal items and medications without an additional purse. The person needed to help her was sitting across the dinner table, with 50 years of marriage (They say teamwork), of sharing ideas and working together, building much of what was needed. He had over 40 years of professional design and engineering experience that wouldn't hurt either.

Dad's "honey do" list just got a little longer. He listened to her describe her problems and ideas.

After months and several trial and error samples she gave her blessing to the final carrier case. But this was only the beginning. People began to inquire where they could purchase the carrier case for themselves, family, or friends.

Then the owner of her oxygen supplier approached Mom and Dad to purchase them for all of her other portable oxygen patients.

At our first Medtrade show we had overwhelming acceptance from dealers hearing comments such as: "I'll buy all of these units off the floor or I've been waiting for a product like this for over 2 years... "

"I know a few patients in particular that need this right away." Since this time we've spoken to many people. Patients, dealers, and companies have graciously given their time, knowledge and experience.

This has allowed us to make the best possible product and help others gain back their personal freedom.

We take great pride and honor in being able to assist people that have the courage and determination to fight past their medical condition to expand their daily life.

We thank all of you!  

Our Company's Beginnings